Practical Shooting

The trainer was very outstanding on teaching the class. Very informative and made the class fun. Will go to other classes that he offers

Wes was very knowledgeable and presented his info with great flair. It was actually FUN!

The class was very informative and taught not only the basics of shooting but also emphasized the knowledge it takes to be a responsible concealed carry licensee. Wes covers the
subject in a way that makes a person want to soak up the instruction. He is passionate about the right we have to protect ourselves and our families. The legal definitions he presents are vital to understanding various situations. I have
been inspired to learn more about the subject.

Really enjoyed class. I plan on coming back for the home class and bringing my wife and daughter.

Very educational and entertaining. I plan to take more of their courses.

Wes ,will teach a very succeful gun shooting class. Deep down, he will teach you everything he can with his class and more. If you never shot a gun, and need the education, this is the SURE place to go! Great JOB! Thank You!

This was the best that I have used yet!! well worth the money. I look forward to returning to Practical Shooting for more classes.

I would highly recommend this to everyone.

Practical Shooting was a great experience for me. I learned more than I expected.

Great experience. Friendly, educational, safe, and I would reccommended to anyone.

The class and instructors were awesome. I think they would be hard to surpass.

Great class. Very practical and efficient. I was dreading the 8 hr of the best 8 hrs I've spent in a while. Very informative. Loved it. Will book a followup class soon
April 20, 2013

Very Informative, and Wes made it interesting. Went over other forms of protection also. Went of our rights as citizens to bear arms. I would recommend to all my friends. It was a
fun day.

What a great experience! My husband & I attended this class together. Wes Elliott is an exceptional instructor, so very informative. He packed a lot of training into this 8 hour class and the time flew! Entertaining, fun, & most importantly,
exceptional training!
April 14, 2013 

Great class and staff is very knowledgeable! Can't wait to take another class!
Awesome class and instructor. one if the best in the state. i will be a return customer.

Great class, great instructor. Very knowledgeable and he made the class fun. I learned a lot and so did my wife, we took the class together. Great guy absolutely recommend for anyone to take his class.

Very knowledgeable instructor and class was entertaining yet informative.

the people are great-very helpful -will be taking more classes from them

This is a great setup nd I thoroughly enjoyed the course!

Practical shooting was such an amazing choice for my concealed carry course. The instructors were friendly and very informative. Every bit of the class was fun. I would definitely recommend Practical Shooting and will be going there in the future for more training.

Great class. informative. "Paint a picture" concept so that everyone in the class could be able to relate. Plus he adds his own humor to break what may have been a very long and miserable day.

The class was very informative, helpful, a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. It is not your standard boring state regulatory class. My wife and I plan on returning and taking other classes they offer.

Great class and great instructor. I was really nervous about getting on the shooting range, but instructor was so encouraging, I can't wait to do it again.

Good information, class was really big so waiting time for shooting range was long.

Awesome experience. The best trainer!!! Learned a lot and Wes made it fun. Thanks! I'll be back.

Phenomenal class. Great teaching. I will definitely be taking some of the other classes offered!

I had a good experience !!! I will take more classes. Highly recommend it.

Great course. I would highly recommend it.

This was an informative, engaging class. I left with knowledge I did not possess beforehand. The instructor was knowledgeable, well informed, engaging, and easy to listen to. The practical shooting practice was just that, practical.

Good information delivered with style. I liked Wes's politics and agree with most of his statements regarding gun laws and public school policies.

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